Pet Etiquette

Lady on the beach with her dog

The most important thing to be aware of is that policies on dogs and other pets varies greatly between those places which say that they accept them. Some are very dog friendly, while others accept pets more cautiously and with greater limitations. However, there are a number of rules which apply to all.

  • If your dog is in any way a potential danger or nuisance to other people or pets, do NOT take them to a hotel, bed and breakfast or inn. If you are planning on a holiday with them, consider self catering away from others instead.
  • Never leave your dog unaccompanied in a room unless the hotel or inn explicitly state that they are happy for you to do so. Much as we all know that most dogs are utterly charming and trustworthy, being left alone in a strange place can cause problems. And if your pet damages a room, you will be charged for it.
  • Always take your dog’s bedding, food, bowls and other pet paraphernalia with you. While some places are really good and can provide such things, it is important not to assume that any will.
  • Virtually no hotel or inn will allow dogs in their restaurants (except for assistance dogs). Some will permit them in certain public spaces such as the bar, but never assume such. Always ask about specific policies ahead of your arrival.
  • Find out which open spaces a hotel or inn might have that are available for “toilet trips”. And always clean up afterwards.
  • Don’t allow your pets on beds or other items of furniture either in your room or elsewhere in the hotel. And keep them on a lead in public spaces.
  • If you’ve been out, make sure your dog is as clean and dry as possible before going back inside.

Badly behaved dogs with feckless owners – the usual type who think that common courtesy doesn’t apply to them – means that the hotel or inn may revise its policy on accepting pets to the detriment of everyone else.

A few words from the editor…

The editor having fun in the sea

Don’t bite, chew, scratch, hump, barf over, poop on or wee up anything indoors (and make sure it’s poop on-able and pee up-able if it’s outside, too).

Remember, some people (especially little children) can be terrified of dogs. While all decent canines know that this is bonkers and that we’re actually far nicer than most people, it’s something to be aware of and accept. When you’re staying in a hotel you’re an ambassador for the four legged community, so don’t muck it up for the rest of us by acting like a wazzock.

Aside from that, have a banging time and a barking big thank you to all the places that do let us stay!